Meet The Team

Antony Tabor
Tony Tabor joined the company in 2004 as a Process Operator. He has operated nearly all of the company's chemical processes. He has recently qualified in City and Guilds Chemical Process, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Operations Level 2. Tony has also qualified in Business Improvement Techniques Level 2 where he has gained much knowledge of 5S methods.

Christopher Phanis
Christopher joined the company in December 2011 as a trainee Process Technician in the R &D departmnet and has gained experience of a number of the companies manufacturing processes. Christopher is currently studying for a B.Tech in Science and an NVQ in gas chromatography at the Cambridge Regional College.

Clare Whitlock
Joined the company in 1998 and was instrumental in founding the company in its present form. A chemist from the University of Canterbury, she has been part of product development, process development, procedure writing and analytical method development. She has more recently been involved in devising improved Quality Systems and departmentalising the company as it has expanded to its current size. As Operations Manager, she overseas Quality and Customer Service, ensuring we reach the highest levels of delivery performance and quality compliance.

David Parry-Jones
Dave joined the company in June 2012 working in the R & D department. He brings with him over 30 years experience in Chemical Research and Process Research and Development gained in the pharmaceutical sector while working for GlaxoSmithKline and MerckSharp&Dohme.

Donald MacPhail
Don joined in 2004 after moving from Bayer veterinary product manufacture at Milton, Cambridge. Don also worked in Genzyme and has 25 years experience in chemical processing.

Elmer Segales
Joined in 2006 from a metal plating background. Elmer is a qualified glass plant builder and has pipe fitting skills.

Ian Smith
Ian has spent almost 25 years in manufacturing. Has developed Operational, Team Leader, Supervisory and Quality Control skills during his time within the cosmetic industry with Procter & Gamble and the pharmaceutical industry with Siemens Medical and Diagnostic Solutions

Jackie Wray
Jackie Wray has been our Administration Controller since 2008 bringing experience from the legal profession and the security industry. Jackie is the front of house for enquires by phone or email. She can tell you when you will get what you want and provide the back up paperwork you need.

John Bilney
After graduating in Chemistry in 1988 and having served in such companies as Albright and Wilson, Rhone Poulenc, Petrolite and Dunlop Adhesives as QC chemist, Development Chemist and then salesman, I joined Cornelius in 1995 and headed the sales of Speciality Monomers. In 1999 I set up a new group to manufacture Speciality Monomers in a newly fitted Plant in Bishop's Stortford. From here I grew the business to £1.3M in sales and relocated the plant to Haverhill in 2007. From then on I have run the newly formed Cornelius Specialties Ltd and am trying to build a team of highly skilled and motivated continuous improvement protagonists. I have little time for hobbies these days but enjoy old Alfa Romeos and West Bromwich Albion!

Joshua Kilby-Banting
Josh joined the company in April 2012 as a Research & Development Process Operator, assisting in the development and scale up of new products. Josh joins us with 10 years manufacturing experience, most recently from the luxury cosmetics industry.

Paul Douglass
Paul joined in 2006 and has produced an exemplary record of accuracy in stock picking, a vital function in our business. Paul has also gained the Level 2 NVQ in Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Process Operation and has now become a trusted Process Operator and Despatch Supervisor.

Ruth Palmer
Joined as a Quality Control Technician in 2007 after working in Quality Assurance for a number of years post University. She has gained much experience about the company's analytical methodologies and is instrumental in smoothing the path of products through production to final product.

Shok Thantrey
Shok is a chemistry graduate from Lanchester Polytechnic. He worked as a chemist in a Power Station for 5 years in his early career before working at three acrylics manufacturers. In the first he was Operations Manager and the second Technical Manager. In his previous role, Shok was General Manager. Joining us in 2010, Shok is developing a team of talented manufacturing specialists and delivering our manufacturing plan activity.

Sukhi Singh
Sukhi is a graduate Mechanical Engineer from the Institute of Industrial Training of Punjab, India. He came to the UK in 2005 and has worked in other acrylic manufacturing areas before joining Cornelius in 2010. Now he is developing our preventive maintenance programme and improving our engineering skills base.

Yingfa Li
Dr Li joined our company in 2006 working in our R&D department. He brought with him over 15 years of research and development experience in synthetic organic chemistry. Over the years, he held positions of postdoctoral research associate, postdoctoral research fellow, senior chemist and university lecturer, which provided him with opportunities in varied areas of synthetic chemistry, particularly in special monomers synthesis, synthetic methodology, natural product synthesis and bioactive molecule synthesis. He has a great love for his work and has contributed about 15 publications.