About Us

Cornelius Specialties build took over a bespoke build chemical process plant in 2006 with aquisition of the former Olympus Organics facility in Haverhill. This plant, built in 1995, was put up to make an array or organometalics for its owner. With the downturn in this market around the early naughties, Cornelius saw the opportunity to move up a level in its manufacturing capabilty.

The plant is equipped with four mainstay glass lined vessels, 250L, 500L,1500L and 2500L, each with glass columns, reflux dividers and distillate receivers. Most have scrubbers, or capacity to add scrubbers and some have gas condensors. All have vacuum capability, inert gas capabilty and connection to automated remote valve postion control and data collection capability.

In addition Cornelius has added smaller scale all glass equipment, such as 200L. 50L, 25L and smaller scale reaction flasks, columns, blend vessels and filters.

Services are of prime importance and the company has traditional cooling towers and cooling water tank to serve its array of reactors and distillation columns which can be augmented with chilled water from one of several refrigerated systems. Heating can be provided by large capacity 50kW boiler and several hot oil systems that give the plant true multi-product capacity at many scales. Surge tank protection to the environment is provided in addition to full site water containment tanks. Reverse osmosis water is available on site.